Fields Consulting Group specializes in creating customized assessment tools that meet your department’s unique needs and assist you in finding “the right people for the job.” The most important quality of our tests is their defensibility: we have never been successfully challenged in an internal appeal proceeding, and we have never been challenged in any external court proceeding. We know of no other test vendor who can make these claims. Others who claim to be “public safety testing experts” find themselves involved in cheating scandals, administrative errors, unrealistic exams, appeals, and legal protests. Not Fields Consulting Group.

Whether you are looking to select new employees or promote current employees to higher-level positions, Fields will help you meet your needs. We have decades of experience working with police, fire, sheriff and other public safety departments. From traditional testing methodology to technology-based testing, our tests are designed to be fair, valid, and defensible.

Selection Testing

Fields is a full-service testing company.  Our goal is to identify the candidates that possess the knowledge skills and abilities needed for your entry-level positions.

Our selection exams are based on a thorough job analysis that identifies the important KSAs for the job.

We build your selection exam to ensure those KSAs can be measured.

Our tests are designed to minimize adverse impact.  We give all testing candidates the same, fair opportunity to perform.  We offer preparation programs that will help candidates study and perform to their potential.

Fields can develop selection exams in any number of different formats, such as written multiple choice exams, structured interviews, video-based situational judgment tests and many others.  In the end, no matter what format you use, the test will identify a diverse pool of applicants for selection who possess the qualities that best fit the job.

Promotional & Succession Testing

cassiesucessiontrainingFields has over 20 years of experience in creating fair and valid promotional exams for most positions in public safety organizations.  We call our promotional programs “succession testing” because it helps you identify and develop your future leaders.

Our succession testing includes organizational assessment, job analysis, candidate preparation, candidate assessment, candidate feedback and training that closes KSA gaps.  We utilize knowledge from experts in your department and combine it with our expertise to develop a creative, valid and reliable testing products.  We are always working to provide our clients with state-of-the-art testing.

Examples of Fields Testing Tools

Written Exam
Candidates will read questions and potential responses in multiple choice format, with one correct answer.  This type of exam typically tests candidates’ knowledge.  The questions in all Fields written tests are straightforward, which helps minimize adverse impact.  Candidates are typically working under a time limit, but there is enough time built in to complete the test.

test1Situational Judgment Test
Candidates will read about a situation, or watch it on video, and then answer questions about the situation.  There may be multiple correct answers from which to choose.  There will always be one best answer that will be worth the most points, but there may be other acceptable answers that are worth points as well.

Panel Interview
Candidates will be asked, and respond to, questions in an interview format.  Questions will cover a range of topics that assess multiple KSAs.  The questions will be structured so that all candidates are asked the same questions and will be scored against the same criteria.

Assessment Center
This is a process that is quite typical for public safety promotional testing.  Candidates will perform in multiple, high pressure job simulations in which numerous KSAs will be scored by trained assessors.  Fields assessment center exercises are developed to put candidates in “the real world.”   Our exercises are customized to involve situations that might be encountered in your department.


Critical Incidents
Candidates must respond appropriately to an emergency situation.  These situations are customized to be relevant and realistic for the department.  These exercises can be administered live with role players, can be simulated using video, or can be in question/answer format.

In Basket
Candidates must respond appropriately to multiple items that would typically be found in the In Basket of a person at the target rank.  These items are customized to your department and are based on your department’s current issues.  Items include emails, memos, department forms and reports, letters from citizens and many other ideas.

Role Play Exercise
Candidates must respond appropriately to a situation in which they must interact with one or more people on a wide range of topics.  These exercises are designed in the form of an interactive role play with a subordinate, supervisor, citizen or other person or group.  Fields has administered this type of exercise in many formats, such as interacting with live role players, interacting with personnel on video, and in and oral question/answer format.

Leadership Exercise
Candidates are presented with a department issue.  They meet with a group of officers, supervisors, or command staff and present their vision and expectations.

Oral Presentation
Candidates speak to a community group, a group of peers, subordinates or even supervisors about a relevant topic.

trainingguy3_01Administrative Exercise
Candidates are presented with several administrative issues that would typically be used in your department and that are appropriate for the target rank.  The candidate must analyze the items and provide an appropriate response.

Writing Exercise
Candidates must analyze a problem and write an in-depth response to the situation presented.  This can be anything from a letter to a citizen to a report to the chief.

Accomplishment Record
Candidates must describe their education, training, and experience and explain how those accomplishments have prepared them for the target rank.  This can also be combined with an interview in which the scoring panel can ask the candidate follow-up questions regarding his or her accomplishments.