Fields offers many training programs designed to teach skills that officers need but rarely have on-the-job opportunities to learn.  Our training programs are designed to fit the public safety environment and culture.  How many times have you thought, “This course may be applicable to people in private industry, but it doesn’t fit our needs!”  The response to courses we offer is, “You understand us!”t

Our training programs focus on areas such as :

  • First-line supervision
  • Test preparation and study methods
  • Management
  • Rating strategies for accuracy
  • Leadership
  • Verbal/written communication skills
  • Unbiased personnel evaluation

Fields’ training staff utilizes multi-media, high-tech, interactive presentations to keep adult learners engaged.

Supervisory Skills

Critical Supervisory Skills in Fire and Rescue & Critical Supervisory Skills in Law Enforcement

Designed for the Fire Department Company Officer and the Police Department Sergeant and Lieutenant, Fields developed this training because you said you had nothing like it.  How many newly promoted supervisors don’t feel they have the skills they need to lead their employees on the first day they are promoted, if ever?

Critical Supervisory Skills consists of five modules that our clients implement, customize and then add to, so it becomes a perfect fit for their needs.

  • How to communicate performance expectations
  • How to observe and document performance
  • How to evaluate performance and take action
  • How to effectively problem solve to get the level of performance desired
  • How to change performance using the 7 step approach

No other course is so flexible.  It can be administered live, by computer, by trained outside trainers, by in-house trainers, at one time or spread out over the course of several months.  Even long-time supervisors who have received this training have said, “This training is vital.  I needed this 20 years ago!”

Test Preparation

Preparing for Promotion in Law Enforcement & Preparing for Promotion in the Fire and Rescue Department

fgcjenhowardWith fewer opportunities for advancement and a lot more competition, Dr. Cassi L. Fields wrote these books to teach promotional test candidates the critical information they need in order to be ready when it’s time for their promotional exams.  Inside these books, candidates will learn tips and tricks about how to study and prepare for assessment centers and interviews.  The book is written to appeal directly to a public safety candidate with relevant tips only they need.  The book also contains practice exercises to reinforce lessons learned.

Leadership Training

Leadership in the Fire-Rescue Service

fcgtrainingFields’ interactive leadership course is geared specifically toward the unique environment of the fire-service.  Our instructors lead department members through discussions about some of the theories of and approaches to leadership, various paper and pencil exercises, and role-play style leadership development scenarios.  Trainees also participate in discussions about management versus leadership, and issues affecting the fire leadership environment, as well as career development strategies.

A panel of Fire Chiefs critiqued this course and provided invaluable input to make the most relevant Fire-Rescue leadership course around.

Other Training

Performance Evaluation and Career Development Training

Fields has developed this training for many public safety departments.  The program includes every aspect of performance evaluation from benchmarking – to rater training – to performance management implementation for all ranks.  Our extensive program includes training in second-line review, improving performance of underperformers, and annual goal setting.  This program includes a manual that department leaders and managers can use as a reference tool to keep their evaluations on track.  We strongly encourage annual refresher training for raters to ensure that your performance evaluation programs remain objective over time.


Executive, Subject Matter Expert, Assessor, and Candidate Training

As part of our testing programs for local, state, and federal public safety agencies, Fields provides training for all parties involved.  For example, we train department executives on selection issues such as passing scores and banding strategies.  We train subject matter experts (SMEs) on test item writing and reviewing, and behavioral benchmarking.  We train test assessors on administration logistics, performance observation, performance assessment, and frame of reference for rating errors.  And, of course, we train candidates on the strategies that would best prepare them for taking their exam.